Making the difference to transform one life at a time



Our aim at VCSL is to make the difference to transform one life at a time, bringing hope to the hopeless. To give more insight, our service users share their testimonies, confirming that our vision is making significant changes in their lives and without it Hong Kong would not be the place and safe haven it has now become for them.

'VCSL's African Fellowship was for me a way to refill my Spirit' Clement fled his country due to religious persecution in 2005. He is limited in his daily activities, because it is illegal for asylum seekers to work, so he is fully dependent on government and NGO assistance. He came to VCSL in 2008, he was so inspired by our community support work, he began studying at the Charis Bible College and finally graduated with a Diploma in Biblical Studies this year. He wishes to continue studying and pursue a master's degree to become a minister of God’s Word and empower other refugees.
'I feel like I'm at home at VCSL' Silvia was forced to flee her home in Uganda in 2007. She came to VCSL in 2010, since then VCSL have not only helped improve living conditions for her and her children, both of whom are attending international kindergartens through our Keeping Kids in Kindergarten programme. From being a single woman with no friends or family, no one to sought out in a foreign place, Silvia now has a community of friends who support her and a place she can call home at VCSL.
JOH West Africa
"I have been in Hong Kong 5 years now, I'm an Asylum seeker in Hong Kong. My country's political situation has brought me to Hong Kong. Suffering brought me to VCSL, I'll just say the VCSL has helped me physical, emotionally and spiritually..."

" I came to Hong Kong in 2004, and have been at VCSL since 2004. Before in Nepal, here wasn't any hope and my life was always worry..."
BenjaminEast Africa
"Benjamin arrived in Hong Kong delirious, confused and without a passport, identification or the ability to communicate... Through the refugee ministry, members of the church began to help Benjamin with the process of becoming an official refugee."

Read Benjamin's full testimony here
This video was filmed before Thomas went back to Nepal, he wanted to start a church in Kathmandu. 2 years later, he built a church call Vine Church Nepal in the city and became the pastor of that church. We sent our pastors and conducted the baptism for them.