Education for Children

Refugee Education strives to improve life chances for Hong Kong’s poor and equip and empower individuals and families through our educational enhancement programmes. We serve both children, their parents and other adults.



We believe education is empowerment. Our mission is to provide...


Easter School

A one week programme with a single theme, including field trips with the whole family.

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Summer School

An intentional curriculum to avoid regression and continually stimulate and increase academic progress of children. Activities include drama, photography, science, visual arts cookery as well as essential core subjects.

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Curriculum Day

This is an extra-curricular event that runs throughout the year. We invite different subject specialists to provide fun educational experiences not available inside the traditional classroom. To promote social inclusion, we invite any child between the ages of 6-16 years old to participate in this event.

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Keeping Kids in Kindergarten (K3)

A sponsorship programme that enables children of refugees or asylum seekers (RAS) to attend kindergarten. Early childhood education is important because it provides a safe and nurturing environment for young children, to develop their learning abilities and social skills. However, there are many costs associated with attending Kindergarten in Hong Kong which are not covered by the government voucher scheme. By covering these ancillary costs, your sponsorship make it possible for these children to attend kindergarten.