School of Opportunity (OPP)

School of Opportunity (OPP)

The School of Opportunity (OPP)

The School of Opportunity is the educational initiative of the Vine Community Services Limited. We aim to provide educational enhancement for less fortunate members of Hong Kong society by delivering quality teaching and learning which is otherwise not readily available (or affordable) in their everyday lives. The School of Opportunity strives to improve life chances for Hong Kong’s poor and equip and empower individuals and families through our educational enhancement programmes. We serve both children, their parents and other adults.

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We believe education is empowerment. Our mission is to provide...

OPP Accessible

A school that is accessible to EVERYONE

We are not an elitist tuition business. We aim to provide quality education, free (or very inexpensively) to those suffering social deprivation in Hong Kong; whether young, mature, a minority group, a refugee, or an asylum seeker.

OPP Accessible

A school that makes learning FUN

We are inviting! Hands on activities are part of every lesson. Children understand and develop better through play, problem solving and social interaction. Adults appreciate the small class sizes and the positive mentoring approach we adopt.

OPP Hope

A school that offers HOPE

We want to help parents experiencing social deprivation to see their children reach their potential. We aim to expand each child’s horizon and experience by providing extra curricular activities otherwise closed to them. Through training and mentoring, adults are equipped for a brighter future.