Past Event: Telema Musical


Telema is the tale of the African Refugees in Hong Kong, and the struggles they endure in a foreign land. Beginning in an African village, Telema shows what it is like to become  uprooted from their homeland by persecution, war, and opposition, and then from there how it came for many of them arrive here to live  in Asia.

Produced by Roy Nujabe and performed by Asylum Seekers from African states like Congo, Rwanda, Togo, Cameroon, Uganda, and Kenya, Telema, Lingala language Bantu for “arise”, is a combination of drama and music, revealing how refugees arise from former struggles to find refuge in Hong Kong, and ultimately in the arms of the body of Christ.


On 28th August 1963, Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous “I have a dream” speech, calling out for equality and justice with a belief that all human are created equal. While progresses were achieved in the past 51 years, that dream is yet unfulfilled for many around the world. In Hong Kong alone, there are around 7,000 asylum seekers and refugees who were forced to leave their home country and are urgently seeking for justice and help.

Telema! Awaken the Dream is a combination of drama and music performed mainly by the African refugees of VCSL. The story touchingly depicts how an African refugee, Moses, found acceptance, help, and love from a Hong Kong local girl Candice, played by local artist Jill Vidal, and how Moses still pursued his dream despite societal and political struggles.