Band of Riders Charity Bikeathon 2018

If you are adventurous, love nature and enjoy travelling, cycling around Taiwan should be on your bucket list. Riding on the success of previous Band of Riders Bikeathon, we are finally organising a 11-day whole island trip. Don’t worry if you are tight on annual leave, you can still sign up for a 5-day coastline challenge and catch the best scenic view by cycling from Hualian to Kaohsiung.

Our goal is to raise HK$1M from this event for the refugee work of The Vine Community Services. Spots are limited, so check out the event details below and sign up now!




Island Challenge
Coastal Challenge
Date28 March – 7 April 201829 March – 2 April 2018
RouteTaipei – Hualien – Kenting – Kaohsiung – Sun Moon Lake – Hsinchu – Taipei
Hualien – Taitung – Kenting – Kaohsiung
Tour FeeHK$14,800HK$5,800
Bike RentalFrom HK$200 – 500/day From HK$200 – 500/day
Minimum Fundraising RequirementHK$40,000HK$20,000

Deadline: 8 December 2017


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What are included in the tour fee?

IncludedNot included
Travel insurance coverage:
• 5-day: 29 March – 2 April
• 11-day: 28 March – 7 April
• 5-day: 4 nights accommodation
• 11-day: 10 nights accommodation
Rental bike (i.e. upgrade, packing and shipping fee)
Breakfast, lunch and dinnerSingle supplement fee (HK$400 per night)
Drink and snack during the rideTips for local cycling guides and driver
• 5-day: TWD$1000
• 11-day: TWD$2500
Support crew and vehicle service (not for rider)
Inland transportation




28 March11-day Team arrives in Taipei
29 March11-day Team:
Taipei – Jiaoxi (then train to Hualien)

5-day Team arrives in Hualien
30 MarchHualien – Fengbin75km
31 MarchFengbin – Taimali117km
1 AprilTaimali – Kenting122km
2 AprilKenting – Kaohsiung (Finish before 5pm)

5-day Team finishes
3 AprilKaohsiung – Budai102km
4 AprilBudai – Jiji114km
5 AprilJiji – Sun Moon Lake – Taichung99km
6 AprilTaichung – Hsinchu106km
7 AprilHsinchu – Taipei (Finish!)65km
8 April11-day Team return to Hong Kong




5-Day Coastal Challenge
30 March – 2 April
Hualien – Kaohsiung, 417km

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11-Day Island Challenge
29 March
Taipei – Jiaoxi, 100km

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30 March – 2 April
Hualien – Kaohsiung, 417km

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3 April
Kaohsiung – Budai, 102km

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4 April
Budai – Jiji, 114km

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5 April
Jiji – Taichung (via Sun Moon Lake), 95km

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6 April
Taichung – Hsinchu, 106km

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7 April
Hsinchu – Taoyuan, 65km

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Is there any age limit?
All participants must be above the age of 18 and are fully responsible and liable for themselves during the entirety of the trip. and liability for him/herself during the entirety of the trip.

Which flights should I book?

  • 5-day Team:
    Outbound: You can fly directly to Hualien on 29 March, or alternatively to Taipei If you are unable to leave early.For those who plan to bring their bikes, please consider flying to Hualien directly to set up your bike at night. If you fly to Taipei, please try to get in early and be prepared for the 6:30 AM pickup for the train ride to Hualien the next morning.
    Inbound: Please any book any flight departs after 7pm on 2 April from Kaohsiung airport.
  • 11-day Team:
    Outbound: You are encouraged to arrive in Taipei before 8pm on 28 March to prepare for the early morning start the following day.
    Inbound: The ride will conclude on April 7, and we provide hotel and dinner on that evening. We suggest that you book any flights departing on 8 April from Taipei Taoyuan airport.

What standard of accommodation should I expect?
We will be staying in different hotels/B&B each night, ranging from 2 – 4 stars. Accommodation choice is based on the route and distance. Please note that our options might be limited in the rural area.

Can I share a room with my girl/boyfriend?
Unless you are married, we will only be pairing participants of the same gender, each individual with their own bed.

I have never raised funds before, will I get any help from VCSL?
VCSL as a charity will provide fundraising tools (via online fundraising page), guidelines and tips to help the participants to reach their goal, but it is the participant’s responsibility to raise the funds. If a participant is unable to raise the total amount, they will be obligated to pay the remaining balance.

What if I can’t meet my fundraising commitment?
The objective of this event is to raise funds and awareness about the refugee work at VCSL. The participants are required to commit to a HK$20K (5-day)/HK$40K (11-day) fundraising goal for this event. They are obligated to pay the difference within two weeks after the actual event if their fundraising result doesn’t meet the minimum requirement.

Can I get my own travel insurance?
We are advised by our insurance agent that because it is a special event, a normal travel insurance would likely not cover this event. To ensure all riders are covered, we have already included the travel insurance in the tour fee. If your travel dates differ from the event travel dates, you will be reliable to pay for any differences in the insurance premium. It is your responsibility to let the organizer know as it might affect your insured period and right to claim.

Can my friend/family tag along in the support vehicle even if they’re not cycling?
Due to safety reasons, the vehicle is reserved only for our riders and support team. If your friend/family would like to tag along, we recommend that they meet us at the hotel, or sign up as a rider.

I hate hills, can I get on the support vehicle when I feel tired?
Unfortunately, we do not offer this service. The support vehicle has limited space and for safety reasons, we must leave ample room in case someone gets injured and needs to get on the vehicle.

How do I know if I’m fit enough for the challenge?
Bikeathon alumni are exempted from assessment for either 5 or 11-day trip. All Participants will be assessed and are required to join at least training sessions: 4 for 5-day participants, and 6 for 11-day participants.

I signed up with a friend, can we be on the same riding team?
We typically assess and assemble teams based on rider pace. Should you desire to be on the same team but ride at different paces, you will both be placed on the slower paced team.

Do we need to carry our own gear?
We have a support vehicle and you can leave your travel bag in it, but we do encourage you to carry a spare tire and pump with you while you're riding (local cyclists will carry these equipment as well, and the support team will replenish them if needed).

If I bring my own bike, can I leave the case in the support car?
We can only accommodate soft cases, and you must provide measurements and a picture of the case to the organiser for approval. The support vehicle can only carry 4 soft cases, so once the spots are taken we will arrange for the shipping of your case to the destination. If you decide to bring a hard case, please notify us ahead of time.

Would the rental bike fits me?
The bike rental company has limited stock in each size and L size is not available in Taiwan. Once they run out of stock, we can arrange for shipment from another store for an extra fee.

What if I want an upgrade on the rental bike?
We can arrange an upgrade for you, depending on availability. Please note that there will be an upgrade fee based on the model you choose.



Cancellation Policy:

  • The event will be cancelled if the number of participants is lower than 16 for the 5-day trip and 12 for the 11-day trip. In that event, the tour fee will be fully refunded to participants within 2 months. Please note that VCSL is not responsible for refunding airfare.
  • If you cancel 30 days prior to the event day, 50% of your tour fee will be refunded. If cancellation is made 7 days before the event, 20% of your tour fee will be refunded. Cancellations made less than 7 days before the event will result in a non-refundable your fee.

For enquiry, please contact event organiser Lolly Law at