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Pursuing Dignity, Justice and Hope

To restore dignity, justice & hope to the marginalised & vulnerable in Hong Kong through the attainment of human rights.



Who Are We?

The Vine refugee service began in 2004, in response to the growing needs of refugees, torture claimants and asylum seekers in Hong Kong. Seeing the traumatic situation and difficulties faced by the asylum seekers, our service aims at transforming lives of the service users by meeting their spiritual, physical, judicial, psychological and social needs.

From initially providing tangible services, now our services include weekly fellowships, meals, financial and housing assistance, institution visits, social activities, counseling and advocacy work. The Vine has been working with various local and international organizations in order to develop more suitable services. At present, our adult service user reaches over 300, and is mainly from Africa, South and Southeast Asia.

In order to focus and facilitate the services to the refugees, The Vine Community Services Ltd (VCSL) was formed in 2012. However, the refugee ministry, Refugee and Asylum Seekers (RAS), is only part of the work that VCSL does. In response to fulfill its call of serving the outcast and marginalised, STOP and The School of Opportunity also became part of VCSL in 2014.

STOP means Stop Trafficking of People, is an initiative that works in partnership with the Hong Kong community, including NGO's, local and international government bodies and concerned individuals, to end the trafficking of persons in and through Hong Kong. Our goals are to raise awareness about trafficking in our city, connect and partner with key counter-trafficking groups, champion the cause of victims, and be a catalyst for positive change in the fight against modern day slavery in our city.

The School of Opportunity (OPP) is educational enhancement for refugee and asylum seekers. The Opportunity Fund aims to provide refugee children quality teaching and learning in school holidays and on Saturdays. The School of Opportunity enables adult refugees to get equipped for the future, by attending accredited courses to boost job prospects in the country of relocation.


History of VCSL


VCSL currently supports over 450 RAS in the recent HKCSS 'Social Impact Assessment' the results showed over a 5 year period service users of VCSL physical abilities, sense of worth, financial condition, language abilities & inter personal relation had all improved by 87%...